About Us

Development Consultants of SA (Pty) Ltd provides specialised consulting services to private companies and investors on South African Government grants and incentive programmes.

Formed in 1968, we’re a privately owned consultancy firm built on unwavering principles of delivering quality work and substantial value to our clients. DCSA is the longest established consultancy in South Africa dedicated to negotiating and administering Government grants.

We’ve consulted to more than a thousand companies in most industry sectors which has enabled us to streamline our operations, efficiencies and effectiveness. Given our history and experience, we can confidently accept assignments knowing that we will deliver the following key benefits:

We create wealth and add value to your business

We optimise companies Government grants, delivering valuable competitive edge by effectively reducing the total investment cost and boosting the rate of return on select business projects. Government incentives can radically alter the risk profile of proposed investments. Our tried and tested techniques and processes allow clients to evaluate and sway marginal go/no-go investment decisions by assessing the impact of potential grants.

We de-mystify Government grants

Keeping track, let alone exploiting multiple grant opportunities are formidable tasks. We’ve distilled the essence of the most important incentive programmes into a “top forty’ list of qualifying investment and expenditure items. This list simplifies the topic and allows us to rapidly identify opportunities, without the need for clients to undergo a steep learning curve. We focus on the facts and what’s relevant without complicating the process.

We make it a hassle-free experience

Our full-lifecycle service shields clients from the tediousness of researching grant programmes, identifying opportunities, applying for and claiming grants, tracking progress and dealing with numerous Government departments and officials. These are time consuming activities that distract executives and employees from their core competency, namely, running and growing businesses successfully. While we’re on board, our clients are kept informed of potential new incentives for their businesses.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We achieve by listening – We get to know your company and its activities so we can match you with the right incentive programme and ensure your application is compelling.
  • We will deliver – We do not take engagements unless we are 99% confident we can deliver what we said we would.
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork – Our consultants specialise in various disciplines including expertise relating to tax law and Government grant policies.
  • Corporate governance – DCSA effectively identifies relevant grants, monitors and speeds up applications and claims, ensures nothing slips through the cracks – and, keeps you fully updated.
  • Partnership – We’re easy to do business with; we become an extension of our client’s management team; no request is too much for us.

Test our abilities; complete our free assessment and we’ll get back to you with our opinion on your eligibility for a Government incentive within 3 working days.