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Manufacturing Facilities (Amount in ZAR)

Owned New Factory Buildings/Alterations

New Plant & Machinery

New Jigs, Dies, Tooling

New Forklifts & Yellow Metal Equipment

Used Plant & Machinery

Used Jigs, Dies, Tooling

Plant Refurbishment

Site Infrastructure (Amount in ZAR)

Roads To The Production Site

Bridges For Above Roads

Electrical Substations

Buried or Overhead Power Lines

Bulk Water Supply/Water Pipelines

Water Purification (Potable Water)

Sanitation Plants/Pipelines

Railway Sidings/Junctions

Acquaculture Development (Amount in ZAR)

Primary (Broodstock; Seed, Juvenile Development, and On-Growing Operations)

Secondary (Filleting; Portioning; Packaging; Curing; Smoking, Oil Extraction)

Ancillary (Feed Manufacturing; R&D; Vetenary Services)

Competitiveness Enhancement (Amount in ZAR)

Process Improvement/Optimisation (Adopt World-Class Manufacturing Methods)

Product Improvements (Design; Development; Efficiency; Acceptability; Packaging)

Logistics Improvements (Logistic Efficiencies; Logistics Systems)

Information Technology Systems (Software & Implementation; ERP)

Skills Development (Provided This Comprises SAQA Accredited Training)

Procurement Process Improvements (Improved/Efficient processes)

Bidding Costs (For Technical Contracts with a Minimum Value of R50m)

Bankable Feasibility Studies (For a Minimum Investment Value of R30m)

Green Technology Improvements (Amount in ZAR)

Cleaner Production (Air Compressing; Pumping; Steam Systems)

Waste Management (Recycling; Re-use of Waste; Recovery of Energy From Waste)

Renewable Energy (Harnessing Solar, Wind Technology & Similar)

Water Use Efficiency (Industrial & Waste Water Treatment)

Research & Development (Amount in ZAR)

R&D Expenses

New R&D Laboratory Equipment

Conformity Assessments (Amount in ZAR)

Quality, Environmental and Product Conformity (Audits, Measurement & Verification Costs)

Accreditation Costs (Initial Certification and ongoing monitoring - most ISO qualifies)

Business Incubation (Physical / Virtual Incubators) (Amount in ZAR)

Investment In The Establishment/Expansion of General Purpose Business Incubator

Investment In The Establishment/Expansion of Industry Specific Business Incubator

Annual Operating Costs Incurred in Running a Business Incubator

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