What Qualifies

There are many types of investment and expenditure items, and business activities, that qualify for Government Grants and Incentives. There are also many Grant and Incentive Programmes that cater to different types of businesses and different types of investments and expenditure.

There is a general misconception that Grants and Incentives only apply to significant new investment projects and job creation. Not true – in some cases, investment or expenditure items that you may consider routine or mundane, could qualify for a substantial grant or incentive.

This makes it difficult to answer two vital questions:

• Do my activities qualify for a Government Grant/Incentive? and if so,
• Which Government Grant/Incentive Programme is best for me?

It is difficult to define exactly which “activities” qualify for Government Grants/Incentives since this definition would need to be all-embracing including types of businesses, locations, types of investment and expenditure, funding, etc. However,

DCSA can answer these questions for you in a flash… We’ll cut to the chase and shield you from the myriad of programmes, rules and regulations. We recommend that you complete our free assessment to see what government incentives you’re eligible for.

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