What We Do

Development Consultants provides specialist advice on Government grants and incentives, focused on the mining and manufacturing sectors. We focus on your business and your future pans, and map your eligibility and opportunities to underlying grant programmes. Essentially, we shield our clients from the complexities of individual incentives (and the myriad rules and regulations) and cut straight to the chase, namely, what’s in it for you?.

We harness Government grants to boost your bottom line.

Investment incentives and treasury grants are programmes that Government use to stimulate competitiveness, growth, development and job retention/creation in certain key industry sectors. Government rewards and supports companies that invest or incur expenditure in specified projects. These rewards take different forms, including:

  • Tax allowances
  • Cost sharing grants
  • Capital grants
  • Post-project reimbursements

DCSA has successfully used a 5 step process perfected over time, to ensure that we optimise our clients’ Government incentives. Our services are only billable on implementation. Our initial consultation, assessment and proposal are all non-billable services we undertake on risk.

1. Initial Consultation

Normally, we’ll first meet with you to explore your business and establish what investments you’re contemplating or busy with, then, articulate the incentive options that may apply to you. This gives us a better idea of your business and eligibility.

2. Assessment

We’ll provide you with specific questionnaires, which cover the details of each of your business activities that could merit a government incentive. Questionnaires are subject to a confidentiality agreement. Alternatively, you could complete our assessment.

Larger businesses, performing multiple activities, may be eligible for more than one incentive package and multiple opportunities will be evaluated separately. A senior consultant will analyse your responses and provide a comprehensive report of findings, which we in turn develop into a concise evaluation report covering these topics:

  • Our assessment of your eligibility for an incentive/s
  • Recommendation of which incentive/s is best suited to your business and investment plans
  • Monetary value of the incentive/s
  • Timing of payment of the incentive//s
  • Critical requirements to secure the incentive/s
  • Our engagement proposal to undertake the assignment

3. Engagement Proposal

After completion of our evaluation, we’ll arrange another meeting to present you with our assessment report. If the evaluation is positive, we’ll also discuss our proposal for an engagement to assist you to secure the recommended incentive/s. If accepted, we’ll sign a consulting agreement to commence implementation.

4. Implementation

Implementation involves two stages:

Applications – We gather the necessary information, prepare, submit and handle all elements of your application/s to ensure it’s approved in our quoted timeframe.

Claims – Once your incentive/s are approved we prepare and submit the necessary claims for the incentives to be paid or credited, including gathering all the required documentation, supervising audit certification and attending to all queries. Our assignment is not completed until the incentives are settled in full by Government.

Throughout our appointment, we keep you completely informed, secure your permission before moving forward with anything and constantly ensure the process is moving smoothly. And should your application be unsuccessful, we will appeal the decision until resolved.

5. Monitoring

Our monitoring systems include:

Project Management – We use a watertight integrated project management system to track deadlines, due dates, application or claim issues and each task associated with an assignment, streamlining the application and claims processes.

Client Communications – Besides keeping clients up to speed, we also brief them on future developments that may affect their incentives. Existing clients are also kept abreast of any new incentives that they may be eligible for.

Government communications – To ensure applications and claims are approved expediently, we maintain contact with all levels of senior officials, discussing progress and necessary inputs.

Many companies are pleasantly surprised that often, what are considered routine or mundane investment/expenditure may qualify for one of the incentive programmes. To find out if you should apply for a government grant, complete our assessment and we’ll get back to you within 72 hours.

Note: If your company is currently having difficulty in negotiating or claiming Government grants, we may be able to assist you to rectify the problem using our normal engagement process outlined above. At the very least, we’ll gladly provide an opinion on the way forward.