Why Use Us

Government incentive programmes and treasury grants provide companies in certain key sectors with significant opportunities to recoup a portion of their financial investments in specified projects.

At DCSA, we have the expertise and persistence to help companies exploit these grants, and achieve a vital edge in some of South Africa’s most competitive industries. Our sole objective is to harness Government grants to boost your bottom line.

Expertise in Government Incentive Programmes and Policy

We’ve been around for over 40 years, which has afforded us a great deal of experience with consulting on Government policies, and a broad perspective on how things work and develop in the long run. We’ve worked with most types of industries and chances are, we’ll have consulted to and gained valuable insight into businesses similar to yours.

We are able to craft and submit your application, monitor its progress and communicate directly with relevant government officials, thereby minimising any chance of rejection.

We Only Engage if our Confidence Level is High

DCSA has a phenomenal track record in negotiating Government grants for clients. This is primarily due to the fact that we only accept client engagements when we are 99% confident of success. We undertake a thorough due diligence during our free assessment phase to ensure we’re dealing in reality, not fantasy. The application effort is substantial and we don’t like to waste anyone’s time or money.

In the unlikely event that your application is unsuccessful, we will appeal the decision to the highest possible authority, free of charge, until a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

End-to-end Solution

We take care of every successive step, from recommending which government incentive would be most beneficial to your business, through ensuring the timely settlement of your approved grant.

We constantly track the progress of your applications and claims; we forecast grant values and cash flows and keep you informed of any developments or policy changes so you’re always able to plan well ahead of time. We attend to all the clerical work and streamline the process to get results faster, freeing your executives and employees to effectively run your business.

Our ROI is Tied to Your ROI

The lion’s share of our consulting fee is dependent on the success of our services. So you can be sure that optimising your grants is as important to us as it to your business.